The modus operandi

A Full “confession” of Qasab (the captured terrorist) was reported in the Mid-Day paper of 10 Dec 2008: Qasab’s full confession.

DNA India reported on 11 Dec 2008 that Kasab was promised Rs 96,000.

Perhaps this is what explains the yellow or red threads on the terrorist’s wrist:

Adepts of the ‘Takfir wal-Hijra’ will adopt what Islam considers impure behavior of enemy societies, like drinking alcohol, eating pork and wild living, to better prepare attacks for those same societies…”

WSJ has a report carrying the translated message from ‘Deccan Mujahideen’. The sign-off

says “Mujahideen Hyderabad Deccan”, a curious twist of phrase. This clumsy disambiguation of “Hyderabad Deccan” is a Pakistanism which sounds funny and foreign to any Indian. The reason: In India, there is no need to qualify Hyderabad as “Hyderabad Deccan” as the identity is clear. In Pakistan which has another Hyderabad, the Indian Hyderabad is referred to as — “Hyderabad Deccan”. Do I need to say more ?

That Ajmal Amir Kasab is from Faridkot, is confirmed by U.K “Observer” on 7 Dec 2008 based on its own investigations using electoral lists for Faridkot, Pakistan:

report in Guardian (UK)

Further confirmation that Kasab is from Faridkot, by Pakistani “Dawn” newspaper on 12 Dec 2008: Dawn Report

Ajmal is a Pakistani: Geo TV says Hindu, 13 Dec 2008.

Who is Fahim Ansari ? This prized catch was already in Indian police custody in far-away UP. 12 Dec 2008 report

Who trained them… Ajmal names his trainers.. The Hindu, 11 Dec 2008.

Mumbai Terror group had also trained American Jihadists:

Says Dec 2008

Funding came through MI-6/Saudi, says Lyndon LaRouche. A very interesting read.

From 12 Dec 2008, on the handler who managed the Mumbai attacks: Hamza the Handler.

The modus operandi, according to’s Exclusive interview with Rakesh Maria.


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