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One hundred days ago

A hundred days ago, on 26 November 2008, Mumbai was attacked by terrorists. Some people and media, set in the perverse liberal ways of the average human being, called the terrorists simply “gunmen”. These terrorists were cowards, scum of the earth, firing automatic weapons on unarmed people who had never done them any harm. These cowards were no “gunmen”, for, they did not deserve to be called “men”.

These cowards snuffed out the lives of normal human beings, who were mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, fathers, husbands, brothers, or sons to someone beloved.

Take for instance Lo Hwei Yen, the Singaporean woman whose life was plundered by these enemies of humanity. Her life did not mean anything to these terrorists, yet they took her life in cold deliberation, with the terrorist handlers in Pakistan readily ordering her killing. Ms Lo’s life meant a lot to people who loved her and nothing to these cowards. Yet, they killed her.

Lo Hwei Yen, Singaporean woman killed by terrorists

Lo Hwei Yen, Singaporean woman killed by terrorists

International Herald Tribune (5 Dec 2008) Article on MUMBAI ATTACK reported:

Once the calls were finished, the attacker moved the small group of guests, who did not know what their fate would be, into a room. When the attackers became distracted by tear gas fired by the police, the hostages managed to escape.

In another instance, the gunmen forced a Singaporean hostage at the Oberoi hotel, Lo Hwei Yen, to call her husband in Singapore. She told him that the hostages were demanding that Singaporean officials tell India not to try a rescue operation. The next day, Lo was killed, the foundation’s report said.

Investigators found that after the gunmen killed her, they used the phone she had called her husband with, the report said.

“The worrying scenario is that Muzammil may have ordered her execution along with two other hostages that were found murdered in the same room,” the report said.

The phone intercepts confirm how the killings were ordered (reported in The National Post, 9 Jan 2009):

Fahad Ullah: “We have three foreigners, including women from Singapore and China.”

Caller: “Kill them.”

The dossier then notes the telephone intercept records the “voices of Fahad Ullah and Bada Abdul Rehman directing hostages to stand in a line, and telling two Muslims to stand aside. Sound of gunfire. Cheering voices in background. Kafa hands telephone to another handler, Wasi Zarar, who says, “Fahad, find the way to go downstairs.”

(No Chinese citizens were killed; A Thai woman of Chinese extract was apparently mistaken by the terrorists as “from China”.)

Other reports on the killing of Ms Low: The Straits Times (Singapore) (archive may not be accessible), Report with Pics (Wayang Party), Tranquil Singapore shaken by Mumbai killing (Telegraph, UK), Singaporeans in Europe express shock (with Pics) , Singapore women in Mumbai terror attack – New Straits Times , a forum post about the killing.

Lo Hwei Yen and Michael Puhaindran

Lo Hwei Yen and Michael Puhaindran

Michael Puhaindran is Ms Lo’s bereaved husband — please wipe his tears. Here is Michael Puhaindran’s facebook page with a picture of the couple.

Let us all tell ourselves this day that some things are wrong, and some things are right. There is right and wrong, believe me. Killing of innocent people, is wrong. Whether the motive for the killing is simply to strike fear, to advance some cause, or to launch the jihadist killer into promised heaven, it is wrong, wrong, wrong. It is just as wrong to kill innocent people under cover of “collateral damage”. We don’t have the right to take a life when we cannot give life. And more so, human life. If your religion tells you otherwise, please do not walk away without questioning it. Let us make humanity the first basis of our religious practices, whatever our beliefs may be. Only that can bring peace on earth.

My deepest condolences reach out to all those who lost loved ones in the attack. May such events never recur.