What can India expect from the world ?

Nothing much except sympathy, it seemed.

Russia’s response to India in the wake of the Mumbai terror attacks comes across as one of substance, when contrasted with the Western world’s response. The U.S. seems too engrossed with its own Afghan objectives, and its own response leaves the phrase “war on terror” now sounding all but hollow.

The terror in Mumbai has exposed the fault-lines. The possible future directions of India’s evolving role in the region are outlined in what I would call a prescient but innocuously named article by M. K. Bhadrakumar: India, Russia regain elan of friendship. It is lengthy, but worth a read.

Appearing timely, was another article by an American journalist based in Moscow, titled That Was No Small War in Georgia, which tells us about Putin’s Russia:

… But after years in which Russia rebuilt itself … our (USA’s) advantages in global power politics have started to tilt Putin’s way. Slowly and quietly he got American forces thrown out of Uzbekistan and all but sidelined in Kyrgyzstan. And then, here in Georgia, he seized the opportunity to really hammer home his point.

With that backdrop, Bhadrakumar’s article makes more sense. If Russia is capable of a more equal relationship, why not ? Should, or shouldn’t India forget and forgive the grim days of the Rupee-Rouble trade (with terms unfair to India, see Russia’s Rouble Advantage) and reports of Russian arm-twisting ?

Will a walk with the bear take India out of the woods ?

Time will tell.


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