Mumbai Terror, JuD, China and CPI(M)

What is the connection, you may ask ?

At the U.N, India had made three previous efforts to get the Pakistan-based “charity” Jamat-ud-Dawa (JuD) declared a terror outfit.  All three attempts were defeated by China using its veto  power, and JuD continued operating.

Now, in December 2008, finally… China did not veto; and U.N. declared it a terrorist organization and called for freezing its assets.

But wait — that was no victory !  JuD had moved funds out of their bank accounts by then.  Finding a new name should not take the organization too long… they have been through that before !

CPI(M) is the Communist Party of India (Marxist).  If someone can be holier than the Pope, CPI(M) is more communist than China:  if China sneezes, how can CPI(M) not catch a cold ?

Sitaram Yechuri, Communist (CPI(M)) Politician

Sitaram Yechuri, Communist (CPI(M)) Politician

Kashmir - J&K (India), PoK (Pakistan), and CoK (China)

Kashmir - J&K (India), PoK (Pakistan), and CoK (China)

No wonder, CPI(M) is stressing the need for India to engage Pakistan and China:  Mount international pressure on Pakistan: CPI(M) tells Centre.  Further, “Instructions from the U.S. alone will not serve the purpose” (emphasis mine) says Sitaram Yechuri of CPI(M).

In other words, Yechuri is exhorting India to talk to the power that matters — China.  That makes ample sense, since China holds the cards (and plays them too, as in the JuD affair).

Not just cards.  China holds a nice piece of Kashmir too. It was a gift from Pakistan, if you remember.  Now you know, who first invited China to the party.
(WSJ graphic:

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