Updated Collection of Analysis Articles

I am collecting all the analysis articles related to the attack on Mumbai on 26.11.2008 under this page:

Links to major analysis articles on Mumbai Terror 26.11.2008

The page is updated as often as I get time to !

Disclaimer: Each author may have his own favourite theory and bias, so please use your brains to filter out as best as you can.

1. It is clear that there are a lot many players and stakeholders with their hands in the game.

2. The “man in the street” (you/me) is the first casualty in terror.

3. So, ordinary men and women need to analyse the facts down to their origins and sources to make sense of all the bizarre things that are happening to us in our lives.

If misinformed, you and I, ordinary and innocent civilians, the majority, will continue to be held to ransom by terror of a few.

This collection of articles is a step to bring the analysis articles scattered over many websites and online newspapers, in one place.

So… please head over to Analysis of Mumbai Terror 26.11.2008 for the most current collection.


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